Membrane keyboards are the quietest, using rubber elements to soften the sound of the switches.


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Membrane keyboards are the most common type of keyboards. ..

Membrane keyboards

The principle of their operation is that a plastic membrane installed under the key closes two contacts, as a result of which a signal is transmitted to the computer about pressing the corresponding button. Due to their simple technology, these devices have a low cost, which makes them especially popular.

In this case, the keys work only when they are fully pressed. Given their quiet operation and soft feedback, it can be difficult to know if a key is pressed or not when typing quickly. The response time of such a gaming keyboard is from 1 ms.

The design and construction of gaming devices should provide maximum comfort while playing. Gaming keyboards differ from ordinary keyboards by the presence of additional keys, bright backlighting, good stability and a number of special settings.

Bloody B120 gaming keyboard review

Membrane Gaming Keyboard: Silicone Buttons, Water Resistant For example, the Bloody B120 membrane Gaming Keyboards Under $30 has 4 removable silicone WASD keys, which is especially convenient for moving in games: they are non-slip, and thanks to the embossed texture, they are easy to find by touch. Plus, the keyboard is water resistant: no matter what you spill on it, be it energy drink, coffee or water, it will continue to work. Water resistance is ensured by a water-repellent coating, protected electronics and a drain hole.

In gaming keyboards, it is especially important to be able to customize additional keys for the game. The B120 has buttons for Auto Shot, Turbo Shot, three keys for buying arsenal in shooters, and hot keys for adjusting volume and playing music.